Monday, February 21, 2011

Get Your Motorcycle Ready with Maxfilm

Bike owners’ lubrication needs extend well-beyond the engine, primary and trans. Royal Purple has addressed these needs with Maxfilm; a multi-purpose spray lubricant ideal for many applications around the bike and garage.

Royal Purple’s Maxfilm is ideal to clean and loosen parts, and outlasts and provides superior protection in comparison to the leading brands. Once applied, its solvent evaporates and leaves an exceptionally tough and durable lubricating film for improved operation and long-lasting protection against wear, rust and corrosion.
Maxfilm is recommended for:

•    Lubricating clutch/brake cables
•    Loosening stuck parts such as exhaust hardware
•    Preserving and protecting parts against rust
•    Around the garage and shop, a ct as a manual cutting fluid for easier hand drilling, tapping, metal cutting, etc., of both steel and aluminum

Maxfilm has been engineered to be environmentally friendly by using CO2 propellant that is TSCA listed.  The solvent biodegrades to leave only small quantities of calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate, both of which are naturally occurring minerals. For more information about Maxfilm visit For more on Royal Purple products for your motorcycle, visit and click on the Motorcycle tab.

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