Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reduce Wear & Extend Equipment Life with Max-Chain

 Industrial manufacturers seeking a long lasting lubricant that will protect heavily loaded surfaces will benefit from Royal Purple’s Max Chain.

Max-Chain is an advanced, synthetic lubricant that dramatically reduces wear and extends equipment life. It provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion for chains, open gears and exposed metal surfaces subjected to severe loading. It works equally well in wet, acidic and dusty environments.

Max-Chain can be applied by either spraying or brushing. Once applied, the carrier evaporates leaving a long-lasting, dry, wax-like film. This non-tacky film effectively minimizes the collection of abrasive dust and other airborne contaminants. Max-Chain can lubricate at up to 400°F once the carrying solvent has evaporated.

To learn more about Royal Purple Max-Chain and other synthetic industrial products, visit www.royal-purple-industrial.com/prodsi/mchaini.html.

Max-Chain is also great for consumer uses visit
www.royalpurple.com/chain-lubricant-o.html for more information.

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