Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Royal Purple Expands to Meet Production Demand

High performance synthetic lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple Inc. recently expanded their production capacity with the addition of six new 35,000 gallon blend tanks at their production facility located at their headquarters in Porter, TX. This increase will significantly allow Royal Purple to meet the industrial and automotive retail market’s demand for product.

Combined with the existing tanks, the new tanks will provide an increase in capacity by 300 percent. “Offloading raw material directly into these new blend tanks greatly increases our current raw material storage capacity,” said Leigh McClellan, Royal Purple Production Manager. Royal Purple will also install two new packaging lines dedicated to the new tanks, doubling production’s packaging capacity.

This year Royal Purple has introduced several new products to the automotive retail market including the new High Performance Street (HPS) series motor oil, High Performance Marine (HPM) multi-vis 30 and 40 motor oil and 80W-90 gear lube, 0W-20 API SN licensed motor oil and Racing ATF. Packaging has been improved with a new embossed logo on the trademarked purple bottle that serves as an anti-counterfeiting measure, and a convenient 5-quart bottle. The industrial segment continues to be strong providing high performance lubricants for a wide range of industrial applications.

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