Monday, May 23, 2011

Madison Tech Student Awarded Student of the Year and Scholarship

Alberto Enriquez (center) and Instructors at Madison Tech College

The Ringbrothers, Royal Purple, BASF and Flowmaster recently awarded Alberto Enriquez a $1,000 scholarship to the Madison Area Technical College to help further his automotive education. Enriquez is a first year student who works two jobs to make ends meet, attends school and supports a family. Tears welled in his eyes as he accepted the "Student of the Year" award and scholarship.

Several of Enriquez's instructors considered him a first choice for the award due to his work ethic and rapport with the other students. "He is consistently in his seat and prepared for class every time we meet. Homework always completed. As a compliment to Alberto, other students recognize his abilities...but he is humble. Alberto goes out of his way to help others in class but, he is not overbearing. He quietly offers suggestions or hints to classmates during diagnosis but, still allows them to be self-thinkers. When it comes to problem-solving, he thinks outside the box and considers all options. I would not only consider him for hire, I think he would be a great co-worker/mentor.Top grades in both Electricity and A/C," commented one instructor.

Congratulations Mr. Enriquez from your friends at Royal Purple. We wish you success in the future!

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