Monday, March 21, 2011

Ultra Performance Grease Offers Greater Wear Protection

Industrial companies depend on reliable equipment, and that is why using a Royal Purple synthetic product such as Ultra Performance Grease will help to increase bearing life by making the bearings run smoother, cooler, quieter, longer and more efficiently. Ultra-Performance Grease satisfies a wide range of grease requirements and is recommended for bearings and general purpose use.

Ultra-Performance Grease is a high performance, multi-service, aluminum complex, synthetic grease. Its outstanding EP capabilities and excellent water resistance to both emulsion and washout are achieved through its superior blend of synthetic base oils plus Synslide additive technology - Royal Purple's unique, proprietary, noncorrosive, EP additive technology.

Ultra-Performance Grease can be pumped at low temperatures, is stable at high temperatures and has excellent oxidation resistance to extend service life and to provide a margin of safety between re-lubrication intervals.

An excellent example of UPG’s effectiveness is the China Star Bullet Train. In tests conducted for the traction motor, 26 different lubricants were evaluated in extensive testing at high temperatures and high speeds for grease leaking, adhesion and grease life.

The initially selected grease ran into problems when the greased motor bearing overheated at speeds above 160 km/hr, resulting in high vibrations and shortened bearing life. When motor adjustments didn’t result in a mechanical solution, the test team began focusing its attention on the grease that provides a thin film of lubricant that the bearing relies on for proper operation.

Following several unsuccessful attempts to find suitable replacement grease, the team tried aluminum complex EP grease (Royal Purple’s Ultra-Performance Grease No. 2) that had past success in reducing bearing temperatures and vibration due to its advanced additive chemistry. With no other adjustments to the motor, the switch to the synthetic aluminum complex grease solved the overheating and premature bearing failures, enabling the train to immediately operate at speed of 200 km/hr. Based on those results, Royal Purple was asked to recommend lubricants for other lubricated components of the traction motor. 

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