Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nine Days to The Forum Wars Season Two

Okay, so you know if you're a member of any car enthusiast forum, that the smack talk between two rivals can get pretty heated. Last year, Schiefer Media and Royal Purple got together to bring us The Forum Wars Season One. This 10 episode series was taped at the Irwindale Speedway and featured drag race, autocross and figure eight. Representatives from rival forums such as Evo vs. Sti, Mustang Shelby vs. Nissan 350z, GTR vs. Porsche 996 came to prove not only could they do the talking, they could also throw down on the track. Rob Krider of took the overall win for the season.

The season wasn't without some controversy. Some forums complained of poor or flat out misrepresentation and made it very clear that they wanted a say in who was representing them in Season Two. So when it was time to plan Season Two, the producers went straight to the forums and asked them to nominate their drivers.

In the early morning hours of Jan. 8 - the participants arrived at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, TX to film season two. Filming was moved to a scrambling sun up to way after sun down single day due to the forecast of rain and cold weather for the next day. We can't give results away before they air, but Supra vs. Ford GT on the drag strip and Mazdaspeed master driver Joe Graves on the autocross course were amazing to watch!

Here's the rest of the scoop.

Launch Date: Friday, April 1. New episodes will be released each Friday through May 20. 

Where: New episodes will post on Facebook on the Royal Purple Inc. and fan page tabs, the Royal Purple Inc. YouTube Channel,, and the microsite.

Speed: 15 second TV spots will air on Speed promoting each weekly episode.

Odd Man Out: Nine episodes were filmed, eight will officially air as Season 2. Who made the cut? Even we don't know as of the writing of this post. We're hoping to get the extra episode for exclusive broadcast after the season ends.

Fun Stuff:  Raw footage from the drag races and autocross and outtakes will be posted on the microsite. Overall results will be posted on all sites at the end of the season!

The countdown is on! The Forum Wars Season Two - Taking the Smack Back to the Track!

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