Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Forum Wars Announces First Four Parings for Season Two

The Second Season of The Forum Wars presented by Royal Purple is revving up for the debut of the first episode Friday, April 1. The "Powers that Be" have released the first four pairings for the season. There will be eight episodes. A new episode will be released each Friday. Can you think of a better way to start your weekend?

If you were a competitor or are a member of the respective forums, start talking it up. In addition to website, we'll also be posting to a special tab on the Royal Purple Inc. and Facebook fan pages,, and YouTube.

1. Viper ( vs. Vette (

2. Ford GT ( vs. Supra (

3. Evo ( vs. Subaru (

4. Porsche ( vs. GTR (

Stay tuned! The rest of the line up will be announced soon! If you missed any of last season, episodes are still available for viewing on  You Tube (royalpurpleinc) and website.


  1. Did the plans to air on Speed fall through?

  2. What about a Trailblazer SS vs Jeep SRT8?