Thursday, December 16, 2010

RP Purple Ice is new and improved!

Royal Purple recently released a new, more advanced formulation of their radiator coolant additive Purple Ice. Purple Ice reduces engine heat by reducing the surface tension of the radiator fluids for improved heat transfer. It helps prevent the formation of scale deposits in the radiator and lubricates the water pump seals. The new formula surpasses the old formula in corrosion and electrolysis protection.

In temperative reduction testing and the ASTM D4340 Corrosion Test, the new Purple Ice outperformed competitive products including: Redline Water Wetter, Radiator Relief, Intraject Electrolysis Arrestor, Firefreeze Motormax, CRC Tow Kool/Enginkool (same product under two different lablels), ProBlend 40 Below, Prestone Super Anti0Rust, Bar's Leaks Professional Cooling System Treatment, Zerex Super Coolant, Schaefer Clean & Cool and Kwick Kool.

Another benefit of the newly formulated Purple Ice is that it immediately pacifies the aluminum in the radiator. This means that it can be used with straight water in aluminum radiators immediately with no risk or concern of any adverse affects on the aluminum.

A full dose of Purple Ice has also been concentrated to 12 oz. vs. 16 oz. The smaller bottle requires less plastic to manufacture which reduces the impact on the environment. Regular Purple Ice users will notice that the clear bottle has been replaced with the trademarked purple bottle and that the product itself is no longer purple. The purple dye that was previously used was purely for aesthetics. The new formulation is so robust that it hampers UV stability of the dye. Royal Purple's focus is on performance over aesthetics.

Purple Ice should be used in conjunction with antifreeze when recommended by the manufacturer and in regions where freezing temperatures occur. Purple Ice is recommended for any water/glycol pressurized cooling system, including those using the traditional green (silicate based) or the newer extended life anti-freezes.

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