Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Royal Purple Reel Wars - Tips for a winning video entry

The Royal Purple Reel Wars Video Contest is in full swing. After opening the contest to accept entries on April 1, the contest has 13 entries. We've noticed some of you have started the entry process but haven't finished. I know the deadline to enter isn't until May 27, but what are you waiting for? Better yet, let me tell you what we're looking for.

  • We are looking for unique, extreme or creative ways you use Royal Purple. The video can be up to ten minutes in length, but a good rule of thumb is 2 - 2 1/2 minutes long. 
  • Be sure to show us what kind of Royal Purple product you are using whether it is motor oil, MaxFilm, 2-cycle or Purple Ice (just to name a few).
  • It is okay to speak during your video. (Silent movies are a thing of the past, and if I can hear you shuffling your feet or breathing as you're filming, some kind of sound dub would not be out of line.) I could provide a voice over or narration but most likely it wouldn't be close to what you were aiming for when you submitted your video.
  • Add a Royal Purple logo bug that can be seen throughout the video, have a Royal Purple presence in every shot and not just at the beginning or the end. 
  • If you're using Royal Purple in a container other than the purple one it comes in, show us you pouring the Royal Purple into the container.
Remember,  after the entry date closes, you need to let your co-workers, friends, family and those Facebook and LinkedIn friends you "friend" but don't ever really talk to vote! Once the online votes are tallied and the top five are determined, the judges will be selecting the $5k Grand Prize winner based on creativity, use of Royal Purple and entertainment value. Judges for the Reel Wars are: Courtney Hansen (PowerblockTV), Kevin Oeste (V8TV), The Ring Brothers (Custom car builders), Paul Schiefer (Magnaflow Marketing Director) and Lynn Parsons (Producer, Motion-Media).

Good luck! If you have any questions about the contest contact Royal Purple Communications Specialist Marlena Solomon at msolomon@royalpurple.com.

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