Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RP Escalator Lube Keeps You Moving

You know how aggravating it is when you go to use an escalator or moving sidewalk and it's closed for repairs or it has been stopped for some unknown reason. If you know someone who handles maintenance of escalators at your favorite mall, store, office building or airport, tell them to try Royal Purple's Escalator Chain Lube.

Royal Purple Escalator Chain Lube will significantly improve equipment reliability. It is an ultra-tough, high film strength synthetic lubricant designed to lubricate the chains of escalators, moving sidewalks and elevator doors. It reduces lubricant consumption by as much as 75% and reduces noise levels and extends the life of chains and other high wear components such as Novatex boards.

Escalator Chain Lube offers several performance advantages

•    Reduces Build-Up - Escalator Chain Lube reduces lint build-up on chains, which wicks oil away and prevents new oil from reaching the chain.
•    Safe and Sanitary – Unwanted oil transfer to exposed surfaces that can create safety and sanitary concerns of oil transfer onto walk ways or the public are reduced.
•    Minimizes Odors – No unpleasant odor normally associated with oils.

Find out more about Royal Purple's industrial products by visiting Royal Purple's Industrial Site.

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