Thursday, February 24, 2011

Make Your Boating and Fishing Season Headache Free with RP

Boating season is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to get your boat in the water. Whether you’re boating for business or pleasure, you want to make sure you stay afloat. Sometimes that can be easier said than done, but with a few simple maintenance tips from Royal Purple you can be on your way.

Protect Your Cables and Keep Fishing Gear Lubricated
Environmental elements are constantly assaulting your cables.  With that comes one of the biggest problem boaters face today, water getting into the cables causing them to rust. Another frequently occurring issue is the inner linings of the cables dry out and crack. Once this has happened, friction is created causing the cables to wear out quickly. With Maxfilm you can easily and deeply penetrate, and clean and loosen rusted parts. Used regularly it will help extend the life of the cables. Once applied, Maxfilm’s solvent carrier evaporates and leaves a tenacious, dry lubricating film on all metal surfaces. This film will protect the linings of the cables while also preventing rust.

While you’re working on the cables and boat maintenance, why not lubricate your fishing gear/reels as well? A simple spray of Maxfilm will help maintain the life of your equipment as well as help to prevent jams when you’ve got that big fish on the line.

“Maxfilm is one of those products that is so versatile it can be used anywhere,” says Royal Purple's Randy Fisher.  “Keeping it handy makes sense. We’ve been highlighting using it for cable and gear maintenance, but Maxfilm is just as effective loosening stuck parts like rusted bolts, nuts, hinges, and any moving part.”

Take Care Of Your Outdrive and Reduce Friction
Royal Purple’s Max-Gear helps to prolong the life of your outdrive by reducing friction. Friction is the leading cause of wear on the gears of an outdrive. Anytime wear is reduced, the life of the component is extended.  Using Max-Gear is an easy part of your maintenance routine that will save you dollars in the long run.

Charlie Barnett of King Fishers Marine Service who specializes in running dredges, tug boats, and barges says, “Using Royal Purple’s Max-Gear in the gearboxes has dropped temperatures more than 30 degrees F.”

“We’ve had testimonials of commercial fishing boats using Max-Gear who have seen the life span of their transmissions increase 150%,” says Fisher. “That gives our customers great peace of mind when working on the water day after day.”

Protect Against Bad Seals And Leaks
A common problem boaters face is a seal tearing, drying out or cracking. The easiest way to combat this problem is to maintain your seals to keep the water out. You don’t want water in the outdrive because it generally mixes with the oil and reduces its viscosity, lessening the protection on your gears.  Max-Gear separates from water, so if a seal breaks or you spring a leak you can safely get to your destination without the hassle of being towed.

“I have been using Royal Purple products for several years,” says Dwight Tannehill, Pro Bass Fisherman.  “I have a 1995 Suzuki outboard with over 4000 hours.  The compression checks have shown no wear, the engine continues to perform extremely well and I have had no out of pocket expenses due to engine mechanical breakdown. The lower unit also contains Royal Purple products and has no apparent wear.”

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